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~ Tuesday, March 20 ~
The beautiful altar at Essence Yoga…bliss time :) (Taken with instagram)

The beautiful altar at Essence Yoga…bliss time :) (Taken with instagram)

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~ Saturday, December 31 ~

What are you releasing from 2011 to make room for in 2012?

I am letting go of self doubt and language of lack and cultivating courage and abundance! 


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I’m a big fan of ritual and candles so I’ll share with you what I’ll be doing at midnight! Feel free to try it if you like :)

Start in a sacred space…could be an altar, a special room, or the floor in your kitchen. If you like, surround yourself with things you love. I like to use candles and flowers and maybe some special items from the past year.

Sit comfortably…feel free to prop yourself up with pillows, blankets, bolsters, etc (being wary of course of any flames!). Connect with the place your body meets the ground…feel that connection. The stable ground underneath you and wonderful gravity hugging you and keeping you safely where you are.

Begin to breath deeper…as you inhale feel the spine lengthen. Send the seat and tailbone grounded towards the earth as you feel the crown of the head lift towards the sky. As you breath, imagine space coming between the vertebrae of the spine, creating length and space for the organs. Notice anywhere you can relax…the face, the shoulders, the pelvic bowl…notice anywhere that can become spacious.

Bring to mind what it is you would like to release…inhale and lift your arms above your head. As you exhale, twist to one side. Take eight breaths. As you inhale, feel yourself lengthen, and as you exhale, feel yourself relax, perhaps a little deeper into the twist. Let the breath carry you through the twist…there’s nowhere to go here…no need to push. Also as you breath, imagine each exhale is releasing whatever you need to release. You can even bring a visualization to mind…perhaps imagining what you’re letting go of as black specs being gathered and released by the breath.

When you’re ready, return to center, and relax the arms by your sides. Take a few breaths simply to observe anything that may come up (without labels, judgments, expectation, etc). When you are ready, bring to mind what you would live to cultivate for yourself in the new year. (And I mean really what you would like to cultivate…so instead of, for example, wishing for an ex to love you again, invite Love into your life, whatever form it may take.)

After this observation, once again lift the arms over head and now twist to the other side. Following the same “lengthen and release” flow of breath, this time imagine gathering what it is you need. Think of it, you just created all this space by releasing what no longer serves, no fill it up with what does! I like to visualize golden light being drawn in with the exhale and swirling through the body with the exhale, but feel free to play around or just feel what it is you’re cultivating (you do probably already have it in you anyway!). 

Take as many breaths as you like (I like to do at least 8), return to center and take time again just to observe. Feel free to run through this multiple times and to play with the choreography, so to speak. And perhaps, as the days come and go, you can practice, just with the breath, inhaling what you need, and exhaling what can be released. I’d love to know if and how this felt/worked/was experienced!

What are you letting go and inviting in?

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